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Menton Lemon Festival 2019

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 Started in 1933 as a fruit show, the Lemon Festival Menton has grown to be so much more and is now an internationally renowned event, drawing around 160,000 visitors to a joyful fruity jamboree every year. But the Menton lemon has always been special. It’s a very bright yellow, elongated rather than round, and prized by chefs for its rich essential oil.

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Took the train from Nice to Menton, arrived and had a short ten min walk towards an enclosed area that housed the static lemon displays. Paid a fee and then spent about an hour shuffling around the displays, all very impressive. Did manage to get a few shots which I'm happy with. Noticed that the town had no seating available, realised that the town had removed all street seating to encourage people to sit within cafes and restaurants.

The actual procession did'nt start until late in the afternoon. Slight hiccup at the begining when one of the floats broke down, with frantic personel trying to quell a fire with small bottles of Evian water. rest of the procession was really good, very family oriented espescially considering that small children and tots would run out in front of the motorised floats (usually encouraged by their parents).

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