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thinkTANK Emergency Rain Cover

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thinkTANK_01Recently bought a Thinktank emergency rain cover, and was glad yesterday (Wednesday) when I drove over to Mam Tor in the High Peak. I decided to go up and along The Lords Seat which is opposite Mam Tor.
I originally bought the thinkTANK cover to use with my 28mm - 300mm telephoto lens.  However on Wednesday I only had my 17mm - 40mm lens which is considerably shorter.

The cover slipped over the camera and lens quite easily. The hot shoe fastening on the top secured the cover to the camera top. Due to the short lens length I had to make sure th


at the velcro strap fastening was secure around the rim of the lens. The viewing window at the rear of the cover did allow me to see the screen at the back quite clearly. Though in the driving rain you did need to lift it to compose and focus. On the day it was extremely gusty and i felt that the cover could act like a sail, catching the wind and making for movement.

This was my first time using it and I feel that given time I will be able to effectively and confidently use this cover, allowing me to use it whatever the elements throw at me. Knowing that Autumn and winter is fast approaching I feel I'll be using the cover quite often. Will give an update in the Spring. thinkTANK_03

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