Manchester Graffiti Art

The Northern Quarter of Manchester is pretty much all of the backstreets between Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester Arndale and Great Ancoats Street. It’s been growing rapidly over the last few years and has become an independent, cool and natural home for street art. There’s more street art here than any other part of the city. It ranges from gigantic, full gable-end to smaller scale pavement poetry. There are a few things to remember if you want to enjoy street art in the Northern Quarter. First of all, street art is a fast-moving medium. Some sites are re-painted quite frequently so what you’ve seen online might already be something new. Many of the images within my Graffiti gallery are now not available within the street environment.

Breakin' Free Orange

A stricking image of a woman breakin free and rising above from the trees. Blue and orange highlights.

Grumpy Dumpy

Vibrant graffiti image, Can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from £12.95. This image is also available as part of my Postcard selection.

i'm A Putin Gal

Russian femail officer smoking cigarette. Don't think we'll get any kind of collusion with this one. Striking image reminds of the cards that used to be given away with cigarettes.

Breakin' Free Red

A stricking image of a woman breakin free and rising above from the trees. Blue and red highlights.

Ian Brown

Ian Brown, iconic Manchester musician,lead singer of the alternative rock band the Stone Roses from their formation in 1984. Originally within the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

Hoo's Watchin' U

Striking owl graffiti found whilst walking around Manchester one rainy (never) day. Magnificent image in my mega Aluminium Dibond print.

Smokin' Man

Gritty image of a smoking man. This piece of urban art has been viewable for quiite some time, again within the Northern Quarter.

African Pearls

Image captured on one of my Graffiti hunts in Manchester late 2019. Painted on the full gable end of some apartments.

Fresh Bites

Shop fronts in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Pop in for a bite and have a read, though you may need a plain wrapper.

Get The Bus!

Incredible shutter art work in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.


Very large murial showing the despair of a working man. Hav passed this on many occasions, finally last year (2019) had time to capture it.

Exclusive Print

This piece of graffiti art was produced within 2 days of Manchester City's incredible season. It lasted about seven days before being replaced.